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A ceremony, ring and a new last name are not enough for you. You want a passionate partnership with the person you share your life with.

Decide: The First Pillar

“Decide!” my favorite line from Troy, a movie inspired by The Iliad that tells the story of the Trojan War.  Here’s the short version. Troy and Sparta are about to go to war after Paris, a Prince of Troy, seduces the Spartan King’s wife, Helen. Achilles, a Spartan assassin,…

Forgive: The Third Pillar

We’ve all passed along well intentioned advise suggesting that if someone really loves you, they won’t hurt you.  Unfortunately, that wisdom is only partially true.  It is better said, a person who loves you won’t purposefully wound you. Reality is, anyone who loves you will inevitability hurt you…because, we’re…

Lazarus Marriage – Part 1

The Lazarus Marriage – Part I (John 11:1-44)

The Bible tells the story of Lazarus, a man who died while waiting for Jesus to come and heal him.  However, the story doesn’t end with Lazarus’ death.  Four days after he was buried, Jesus resurrected him.  While these three sentences provide the Cliff…

Renew: The Final Pillar

Do you remember the glow of young love? The days when your spouse was all things wonderful?  Back then you were invincible, nothing could disturb the love you’d found. Great news!  You can fall in love again and you don’t have to find a new relationship to experience it….