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Renew: The Final Pillar

Do you remember the glow of young love? The days when your spouse was all things wonderful?  Back then you were invincible, nothing could disturb the love you’d found. Great news!  You can fall in love again and you don’t have to find a new relationship to experience it. Today, we’re exploring the last step of our formula RENEWAL.

Treat Your Marriage Like a New Relationship

Once couples settle into marriage, they get comfortable.  Security is great in a lot of ways, however, in other ways partners slowly begin to take each other for granted. “Comfort” can become a slippery slope that easily turns into an avalanche of neglect and disrespect. Renewal stops the free-fall. When you choose to treat your marriage like a brand new relationship, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll feel the glow of renewed love. 

You Probably Already Know…

Odds are high your partner has already expressed their needs and ideas about what might improve your relationship. In this way, having an established relationship is a true advantage. Since, you already know what your partner needs, renewal can be as simple as making a few small changes. If changing makes you feel controlled, consider change as a gift you choose to give.

Take Inventory

Spend an afternoon with your partner imagining what your marriage could be like. Recount the your favorite times together, share a laugh and a special treat. Notice how your marriage is different from when you first married. How did you demonstrate love and caring? What considerations did you extend?  What did you enjoy together?  As you recall those early days, note the differences, renew old practices and commit to finding new ways to demonstrate love.

Be Intentional

Renewal is an intentional effort, at least at first. As you rediscover what your partner and marriage need, it doesn’t take long before these intentional changes become your new normal. In the process, your marriage takes on a new, stronger, happier normal too.

Renewing Your Marriage is a Much Smaller Risk

Renewing a relationship can be frightening.  What if your spouse doesn’t respond or it falls apart anyway? This stage requires you to “put your money where your mouth is” and that involves risk. Truth is, you’ve been taking chances since the first “hello.” After all, that “cute guy” could have been a stalker. It doesn’t seem like it, but renewal is a smaller risk, you already knew the worst case scenario. In an established relationship, the risk is all about the upside. 

Take a Chance on Your Marriage

How great can renewal make your marriage? There’s only one way to find out. We’d love to hear about your new start and the impact it made.  If “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” describes your position, we get that too…but sometimes, It’s “Never Too Late.”

Check Out Sofa Talk

Renewing marriage definitely requires daily effort, but it really is the best part of our formula.  Every step brings you closer to the marriage you hoped for and yields immediate results. Listen  to our Sofa Talk to learn how Renewal transformed our marriage into something wonderful.