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Why Mindset Matters

Everywhere you look gurus are talking about changing your mindset to improve your life.  They promise that if you change your thoughts your life will change.  To many, this seems like magical if not mystical thinking. I’ve been guilty of wishing my problems away and truly believing that you become what you think about.  Today, my mindset smacked me in the face…..my conclusion?  Mindset matters.

Over the weekend I developed symptoms of a urinary tract infection….a common condition that millions of women deal with every day.  Yet for some reason, I was stressed out.  I remained calm on the outside casually mentioning it to my husband while stressing internally over the hassle and expense. I imagined days without a dr. appointment, an expensive exam, and an antibiotic that spawned another nasty infection. 

I decided it was a hassle and saved myself time and money by handling it on my own. I spent an hour looking for an over the counter remedy, another 30 minutes evaluating which of the 3 options best addressed my problem and wasted another hour researching my symptoms and home remedies. 

The next day and $15.00 dollars later, I remained uneasy.  I knew my home remedies weren’t up to the task.  The Minute Clinic at CVS came to mind.  Again, I assumed the worst, thinking my insurance wouldn’t cover the visit, I’d be out of $35.00-$40.00 in prescription costs and I’d be trapped in waiting room hell. This time, I opened myself to the possibility of a better outcome.  It turned out my apprehensions were wrong on all counts.  The nurse was waiting for me when I arrived, wrote a prescription for the U.T.I. and the potential yeast infection.  The visit cost me a $10.00 co-pay.  The cost of both prescriptions? $1.63.  My time investment was Sixty-two minutes….including scheduling, the roundtrip drive, doubling back twice because I wasn’t paying attention, parking, specimen production, diagnosis, ordering, filing and paying for my prescription, parking, and settling back into work…less than half the hassle….and my symptoms eased within hours of taking the first dosage.

I accomplished exactly what my mind promised in both scenarios. When I expected a hassle, I imagined a bigger problem than I actually had and my behavior followed suit.  My self-inflicted hassle showed up as anticipated. When I opened my mind to possibility, I resolved my problem in an hour, broke a $20.00 to pay for it, and had money left over for lunch.

While sharing this story is a bit embarrassing, I’ve sacrificed my pride because the value of this experience far exceeds the worth of a mindset that is convinced you’ll think I’m an idiot.  I realize that the same mindset that wasted my time and $15.00 also made me hesitate to start a business, convinced me that I wasn’t “good enough” to pursue my secret dreams and told me that my talent and offerings had no value. It convinced me my advanced degree and years of experience were worthless because I had taken a few years off to be a mom. My mindset decided I didn’t have the time, energy or money to learn new skills that would advance my dream.  

My defeatist mindset cost me money, wasted my time and ensured I would NEVER get the results I wanted.  

I haven’t always been a self-defeatist.  Life has dealt me a number of hard body blows over the last several years. In response, I retreated.   I held my breath waiting for the next punch rather than summoning the strength to fight back. I learned to stay in my place rather than creating a place that fit me comfortably.   I got comfortable with a mindset that “kept me safe” but cost me my dreams. No more. 

Today, when I opened to possibility, I was presented with a solution that cost me far less time and money…with near immediate results.

Mindset matters because it determines your actions.  A powerful mindset always finds a way….and the way always appears. 

What’s your mindset?

June 26, 2018